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GHOST™ Fastener Sample Kit Instructions (disc form factor)

Congratulations on receiving your GHOST™ sample kit! The video below provides instructions about how to use the kit, and what’s included inside.

You can also download our GHOST™ Fastening Technology Overview here.

The new PEM® GHOST fastening technology from PennEngineering® utilizes magnetic technology to achieve an invisible lock that’s ideal for applications requiring security and sleek aesthetics.

  • Fully concealed fastener with no visible evidence of how to disassemble once engaged
  • Only the user has the knowledge to disengage the fastener using a properly placed magnet or magnets.
  • Gripping fastener utilizing a fully concealed pinch-lock mechanism. Internal balls are wedged between a vertical pin and angled retainer wall providing lock
  • Magnetic tool is used to actuate internal components relieving the pinch-lock/grip

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