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(Also note that the PennEngineering Catalog is now a dedicated mobile optimized site. Including the CAD window, the entire catalog and all features are mobile friendly.)

First Time User Notes
Download vs Direct Insert Options
Bulk Downloads
Search Tips
Troubleshooting Suggestions

First Time User Notes

All drawings for PennEngineering® products including Atlas®, PEM® and SI® fasteners can be directly inserted into market leading CAD systems or be exported into common file formats. After navigating to your final product selection you will be asked for basic user information before you can insert, download or email a 2D drawing, 3D model, or sales drawing file. We ask that all of the information is filled in accurately. Each time thereafter, with your cookies feature enabled, the user information box will appear prefilled with your information.

Tip: For emailing files, the user information box will also be the address information for emailing. If the box is already prefilled with your own information and you do not want to change it, simply email to yourself. Then you can easily forward the file to other users as required.

You may also use the “Update CAD Settings” feature to change the default settings for your download and insertion actions.

Additional features (not requiring user information) of the tool include:

Download versus Direct Insert Options

Within the CAD window, the left hand box is to download or email a 2D or 3D model as a file. The dropdown lists all compatible 2D and 3D file types. To download/email, the user should select the dropdown on the left and choose the desired file format then click either Download or Email. 

The right hand side is to insert a 2D or 3D model directly into CAD software. The dropdown lists all compatible software. To insert, the user should select the dropdown on the right and choose the desired software then click Insert.

When inserting a model, the user must complete a one time installation of our Direct CAD Insert Utility. This download can be found in a pop-up when trying to insert a model. The following page also provides more information on this as well as the installation file:

Once installed, this user will be able to select Solid Works on the right hand side and insert any models directly into their Solid Works software. 

Bulk Download Option

Users can now “bulk download” up to 500 CAD models at one time. Check off the part numbers you are interested in and choose the "Add to CAD Cart (500 Items Max.)" option. When you are finished with your selection, scroll to the top of the page and choose the "Batch CAD Cart" option to email yourself all the selected items.

Click here to view a listing of compatible software and file types available for both 2D and 3D models.

Search Tips

Fasteners with part numbers beginning with Y or ZZ are non-standard, non-cataloged products. Please contact us at for information regarding these part numbers.

1. Use wildcard symbol (*) for partial Keyword searches. For Part Number/Custom searches, leading and/or trailing wildcards are allowed (i.e. *AS100*).

2. Avoid numerical criteria in Keyword search. For specific item numbers, try the Part Number search. For product specifications, try the Search Items feature available throughout the catalog.

3. Use fewer keywords or part numbers. Try fewer keywords or part numbers to start with and then build on your initial results by adding more.

4. Make your search more general. For example, instead of using specific part numbers, try using the generic product category.

5. Check your spelling. Are the words in your query spelled correctly?

6. Try using synonyms/abbreviations. Maybe the product you are looking for uses slightly different words, like "cm" instead of "centimeters".

7. Avoid special characters. Characters such as @, #, ^, % often produce zero results.

Troubleshooting Suggestions

JAVA Links:
In order to provide a 3D viewer with pan, zoom and rotate functionality, our CAD Library runs off of a Java Applet. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are using a current version of Java. This can be easily downloaded at www.
If you are unable to download or choose to disable Java completely within your browser, we have built the solution so that you can still download the file or email it to yourself without utilizing the 3D viewer.

Specific computer settings, browser versions, plus the user’s internal corporate settings often cause some concern when running Java. Sometimes, simply changing the browser will be all that is needed to access the CAD downlaod tool. If that too fails, we have found that uninstalling and reinstalling Java seems to work in some instances.

Possible Workstation Restrictions:
If you were not prompted to "trust the signed applet distributed by Thomas Industrial Network Germany GmbH" (this is a warning - security dialog box that will pop-up when you first attempt to download and displays just prior to the image of the part/file that you have built displaying on your monitor), your workstation may be running a pop-up blocker and/or it may be restricted from being able to view and download the item. Your IT Support team will be able to verify if you are restricted from having this.

Your workstation may not be allowed or may be restricted from running Java applet programs. Please check with your IT Support to verify.

IE Browser Suggestions:
Clear your temporary internet files, cookies and history using the Tools > Internet Options tabs.

*If you do not want to clear all of your temporary internet files, you may delete just the ones associated with the CAD site by using the following steps:
Tools> Internet Options> (under Temporary Internet Files Section) Settings> View Files.
Sort the list by Name (by clicking on the name column) and then locate/delete files associated with the CAD site.

Use the default settings; customized settings can sometimes prevent the application from displaying properly.

Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode will need to be switched to "off", sometimes this mode can be switched on automatically. "Compatibility view settings" can be found within the "tools" dropdown located in the browser.

If Security setting is at "high", lower it to "medium."

If all efforts fail to provide you with the CAD models that you require, please contact us at We can provide further assistance and if necessary we will email to you the CAD model(s) that you need.