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Samsung Galaxy S8 Teardown Summary

The Samsung Galaxy S8 features a 5.8 inches curved LED display. The device’s covering surfaces comprise mostly of glass and metal along the siding and protected against water and dust in accordance with IP68 Code testing specification.

Below are certain alternatives featuring several PEM® fasteners that can help achieve better functionality and cost savings.

Alternative PEM® Solutions:
Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

microPEM® Screws

As an alternative approach, all of the micro screws can be replaced by PennEngineering® manufactured
micro screws. PEM has license with MicroStix®, Torx® and Torx Plus® driver and self-tapping thread
patent as like TAPTITE®, FASTITE®, REMFORM® and REMFORM F® with different design solutions.

TackSert® Pin

Through the disassembly process we found screws that are used to fix & connect the PC board,
earphone jack and power charge on the main body. PennEngineering® TackSert parts can be used in some locations.
This however is a permanent solution and cannot be reworked. The press-in installation will be quicker than
the turn-in screws can be replaced with PennEngineering® TKA™/TK4™ microPEM® TackSert® Pins. Press in installation
will be quicker than regular turn-in with screws. The specific part is ideal to replace fasteners in applications where disassembly is not required.

TackScrew™ Fasteners

All of the M1.4 Micro Machined-in Internal Threads can be replaced with PennEngineering® TS4™ microPEM® TackScrew™ Fasteners.
The microPEM® TS4™ enables cost effective sheet-to-sheet attachment by simply pressing into place and can be removed
by unscrewing, similar to original threaded fasteners.

MPP™ Self-Clinching microPEM® Locating Pin

The pins on the panel can be replaced by MPP™ microPEM® Self-clinching Pins. Ideal for micro positioning
and alignment applications, the Self-clinching Pins from PennEngineering® can provide the MPPs with different
sizes and types to meet the application requirement.

TackPin® Fasteners

A total of 19 pieces of copper made terminals were welded to the aluminum alloy chassis.
The terminals can be replaced with PennEngineering® TA™/T4™ microPEM® TackPin® Fasteners
made from a high Electrical Conductivity Alloy (for example, C15100 or C19800 alloys).
The solution enables sheet-to-sheet attachment, replacing costly screw installation in applications where disassembly is not required.

Click here to download the full Teardown Report.

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